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Bengkel Antarabangsa "Pengamatan China dari Dunia Melayu: Isu-isu Kontemporari dan Masa Depan"

Sejarah pertemuan antara Dunia Melayu dengan China adalah berabad-abad lamanya. Demi faktor geografi strategik dan perhitungan rasional, hubungan ini kerap, erat dan memanfaatkan masing-masing dalam hubungan diplomatik, politik, perdagangan serta interaksi kebudayaan dan agamaMore Info

Public Lecture - "WHAT WILL CHINA BE LIKE IN 2030?"

China has confounded the doubters and critics and succeeded, quite remarkably, in meeting projections which were seen as overly optimistic.More Info

Seminar on "Domestic Business Stakeholder Hopes and Fears in the New Era of China-Malaysia Economic Ties"

While capital flows from China has flooded Southeast Asia in recent years and created public buzzMore Info

International Conference "Towards the Diamond Era Between ASEAN and China: Opportunities and Challenges"

China today is one of the most important partners of ASEAN, as well as of the member states of ASEAN. In economics, China today is the largest trade partners of most of the ASEAN countriesMore Info

ICS Workshop - "Great Fall or New Normal: China’s Economic Restructuring and Its Impact on Southeast Asia"

China’s economic growth in 2015 has fallen to 6.9% from an unrivalled average of 10% between 2002 and 2014. This has spawned competing theories of what is happening to China.More Info

ICS Workshop-"Changing Faces of Asian Transformation: Dynamics, Driving Forces, Modalities"

21st Century is sometimes portrayed to be the Asian Century. Yet, much of this assumption of the 21st Century being Asian Century remain unexaminedMore Info

ICS Seminar - "Reminiscences of Razaks Visit to China in 1974 and Sino-Malaysia Relations"

Tan Sri Michael Chen accompanied Tun Razak as he visited China in 1974 and was intimately involved in preparation for the visitMore Info

ICS Seminar- "Climate Change Risk and Resilence in China"

China is facing a number of challenges and opportunities in responding to and anticipating possible climate risksMore Info

Forum-China 2016: Review and Prospect

For registration please referMore Info

Public Lecture "China and Thailands Domestic Politics"

The relationship between Thailand and China has been long and complicated, with periods of strain associated with, for example,More Info


Since President Xi Jinping announced China’s “One Belt One Road” initiative in 2013, many scholars and policymakers have been looking into the possible impact of such initiative to theMore Info

ICS Seminar - Who’s Who Among Chinese Pirates? 18th Century Minnan (South Fujian) Disputed Shore (case study)

Following the preamble of Philip Gosse History of piracy’s chapter on Japan and China, “the Chinese were practising piracy before history began to be written”More Info

ICS Public Lecture "China and the South China Sea"

There has been a lot of conflicting signals from China, and also misunderstanding by others,More Info

International Conference on "Reconnecting China with the Muslim World"

Chinese civilization and Islamic civilization are two of the oldest civilizationsMore Info

ICS Public Lecture: "Dream of the Red Chamber and the Big Data"

We would like to invite you to the public lecture "Dream of the Red Chamber and Big Data" by Prof. Yi-long HuangMore Info

International Workshop - ASEAN and China: A Mutual Socialization Contest

During the Cold War, China was ideologically split from Southeast Asia, having diplomatic relations only with the communist states of former French Indochina. Mutual suspicion lingered throughMore Info

ICS Seminar - "Southeast Asia, China and the US: The Emerging Triangular Logic"

During the Cold War, Southeast Asia and China were ideologically divided. Mutual suspicion lingered through much of the 1990s. But soon after China’sMore Info

ICS Seminar - "Confucianism and the Concept of Greater China"

Chinese universality is inseparable from a certain idea of civilization, informed mostly by Confucian sources, with a centre shining upon surrounding regions, and upon which the reality of imperial power superimposed itself. The geographical embodiment of this shining force is what is commonly called the sinicized worldMore Info

ICS Public Lecture Series III: "China's Rise, America's Dilemma" by Professor Lowell Dittmer, University of California, Berkeley.

The rise of the People's Republic of China, dramatically accelerated since Deng XiaopingMore Info

International Conference: Malaysia, China, and the Asia-Pacific Region in the Twenty-First Century"

In 2014, Malaysia and China celebrate the 40th anniversary of diplomatic ties that was established in 1974More Info

Public Lecture on "Humane Authority and Chinas Sub-regional Integration"


The Second Public Lecture is to be delivered by Professor Yan Xuetong, Dean of the School of Contemporary International Relations at Tsinghua University, China.

More Info

Seminar (In Mandarin) on "From Nation-state to State-nation: A Comparative Study on ideas of Nation-building in Modern China and Malaysia from Their Founding Fathers, Sun Yat Sen and Tunku Abdul Rahman’s Perspectives"

 By drawing national boundaries and differentiate people from another, Nationalism is a belief that managing and manipulating national identity, a force for group mobilization More Info

Seminar on "Malaysia-China Investment Ties"


China is Malaysia’s top trading partner but China’s FDI in Malaysia lags in relative terms. China and Malaysia have jointly established the Malaysia-China Kuantan Industrial Park (MCKIP)

More Info

Public Lecture on Ethnic Power Sharing: New Perspectives

Professor Dr Donald L. Horowitz. Academic Icon, University of Malaya & James B. Duke Professor Emeritus of Law & Political Science, School of Law, Duke University.More Info

International Conference "Democracy in Taiwan: Looking at the 2012 Elections. On Taiwan’s Electoral Democracy and Its Sociopolitical Implications for Taiwan and beyond"

In January 2012, Taiwan held the presidential and legislative yuan elections. Taiwan hasMore Info
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