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Senior Lecturer




Dr. Nur Shahadah Jamil is a PhD holder in Strategic and Security Studies, National University of Malaysia (UKM). Her PhD dissertation entitled Evolution in China’s South China Sea Policy Process: A Neoclassical Realism Explanation focuses primarily on explaining how structural factors and elites’ perception (after being filtered by relevant domestic considerations) contribute to the evolution of China’s South China Sea Policy, as well as the evolution in the patterns of pluralization in the policy process from 1949-2017. Dr. Shahadah is also a research fellow at the East Asian International Relations (EAIR) Caucus, which is a research platform for exchange, engagement and empowerment among foreign affairs professionals and international relations scholars in Malaysia. Her research concentrates mainly on China’s foreign policy, South China Sea, Southeast Asian responses to Belt and Road Initiative and East Asian Security. Dr. Shahadah in also one of the recipients for Taiwan Fellowship Award in 2017 and has conducted her four-month research in National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan. She is currently serving as a Senior Lecturer at the Institute of China Studies (ICS), University of Malaya (UM) and can be contacted via email at shahadah@um.edu.my.

Last Update: 24/03/2022