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Speaker Topic Date Detail
Enze HAN Authoritarianism in Thailand and the China Factor 30 November 2023 Read More
WANG Yuzhu Seminar on China's Story "The Chinese Path to Modernization and Its Global Significance" 11 September 2023 Read More
WANG Hu The Formation of Chinese Community in Poland in the Post- Cold War Era:Dynamics and New Feature 21 August 2023 Read More
Carla FREEMAN & Andrew SCOBELL Assessing the State of US-China Strategis Competition 23 June 2023 Read More
Alvin CAMBA China’s Structural and Instrumental Powers: Systemic Compulsion and Elite Coalitions in Southeast Asia 15 May 2023 Read More
Ilaria CARROZZA China's Digital Silk Road in Southeast Asia: Opportunities and Risks 10 May 2023 Read More
Susannah PATTON China's Power in Asia: Rising, Falling or Remaining Steady? 7 March 2023 Read More
Paul HENLE To Change, Compete, or Coexist? US-China Relations since the Bush Administration 10 February 2023 Read More
Chih-Yu SHIH Where Are the People? Autocratic Governmentality in China
7 February 2023 Read More
Guanie LIM Chinese Investment Meets Southeast Asia: Past Trends and Future Directions 27 December 2022 Read More
Wooyeal PAIK Resetting Korea-China Relations?: Beyond Bilateral Relations in Global Structural Changes 22 December 2022 Read More
Xiaojun LI Between the U.S. and China: Nationalism and Public Support for Hedging in the Philippines 6 December 2022 Read More
Greg B. FELKER The US Role in ASEAN's Development in the Context of Ongoing Sino-American Rivalry August 2, 2022 Read More
JIN Liangxiang, ZHOU Yiqi, Osman BAKAR, Roy Anthony ROGERS, Nur Shahadah JAMIL China in the Middle East and Its Implication on the Muslim World July 20, 2022 Read More
Yuk Wah CHAN [ICS Webinar] Covid-19 and the Sporadic Precarity of Migrant Domestic Workers in Hong Kong June 20, 2022 Read More
David MAHON [ICS Webinar] China in a Multipolar World: Trends and Forecast May 16, 2022 Read More
Mahmud ALI [ICS Webinar] US ‘Strategic Ambiguity’ on Taiwan: Three Versions of the Six Assurances April 13, 2022 Read More
Blaine CURICIO [ICS Webinar] China’s Space Ambition and Its Global Significance March 30, 2022 Read More
Ian Tsung-Yen CHEN [ICS Webinar] The Crisis of COVID-19 and the Political Economy of China’s Vaccine Diplomacy December 29, 2021 Read More
Christiane HEIDBRINK [ICS Webinar] The China -US Rivalry: A Perspective from Germany November 29, 2021 Read More
Rosemary FOOT [ICS-IKMAS-EAIR WEBINAR Forum]China, the UN, and Human Rights Protection November 15, 2021 Read More
Pramod JAISWAL [ICS Webinar] The China -US Rivalry: A Perspective from Nepal and South Asia October 21, 2021 Read More
Andrew YEO [ICS-EAIR Forum] The Limits of Hedging and South Korea’s Place in the Indo-Pacific June 9, 2021 Read More
Maria Adele CARRAI [ICS-EAIR Forum] Re-engineering Eurasia: Competing Visions for the Connectivity of the Future April 28, 2021 Read More
BAI Tongdong [ISTAC-IIUM AND ICS-UM JOINT WEBINAR] A Confucian-Islamic Conversation on Liberal Democracy and a New Global Order April 27, 2021 Read More
David C. KANG [ICS-IKMAS-EAIR Webinar Forum]-South Korea between the United States and China: Why Countries Don’t Want to Choose Sides February 4, 2021 Read More
Sarah TONG [ICS Webinar] China’s 14th Five Year Plan (2021-2025): Objectives, Strategies and Priorities December 23, 2020 Read More
WOO Wing Thye [ICS Webinar] ASEAN-China Economic Relations: Happy and Unhappy Scenarios December 16, 2020 Read More
LIM Tai Wei [ICS Webinar] The Rise of Smart Cities: Implications for Digital BRI December 14, 2020 Read More
Wilson CHAN [ICS Webinar] The Future of Hong Kong as the Finacial Hub Amidst Macro Changes in the World November 26, 2020 Read More
Murray Hiebert [ICS-EAIR Webinar] Under Beijing’s Shadow: Southeast Asia’s China Challenge September 2, 2020 Read More
Bunn Nagara [ICS Webinar] China, the West, and Hong Kong’s New National Security Law August 5, 2020 Read More
林宏祥 ICS Webinar – 马来舆论中的中国认识: 华人、“共产党”、中国 July 28, 2020 Read More
LUO Chuanyu China-Brunei Cooperation: A Perspective from the Subnational Level (Webinar) June 11, 2020 Read More
Shigeto SONADA How Are Elite University Students In ASEAN Countries Looking At Asian Neighbors?: An Analysis Of Asian Student Survey 2013-2018 January 23, 2020 Read More
Rebecca E. KARL The Ontology of Labor: He-Yin Zhen and Early Twentieth-Century Chinese Anarcho-Feminism November 26, 2019 Read More
LEE Seong-hyon Why is China “Sitting on the Fence” on the North Korean Nuclear Negotiations? Explaining China’s “Loud Silence” November 14, 2019 Read More
SHEN Dingli China in the World in the New Era November 13, 2019 Read More
Abdul Razak BAGINDA China is Back: Middle Kingdom’s Return to Global Status August 6, 2019 Read More
陳建甫 2020 臺灣總統選舉觀察 July 23, 2019 Read More
RUAN Zongze US-China Relations: A View from China June 20, 2019 Read More
Bonnie GLASER The Evolving PRC-DPRK Relations: Insights from New Data on Bilateral Interactions May 30, 2019 Read More
CHUNG Jae-Ho East Asia Strategic Responses to the Rise of China, 2011-16 February 11, 2019 Read More
Daniel A. BELLWANG Pei Just Hierarchy between Citizens? The Case of China January 21, 2019 Read More
Yu XIE China Family Panel Studies (CFPS) and Income Inequality in China January 16, 2019 Read More
Klaus LARRES A Precarious Balancing Act: The U.S.-China-Europe and the Emerging New Global Order December 20, 2018 Read More
Pramod JAISWAL Demystifying Big Powers Interplay: China and India Rivalry in Nepal December 19, 2018 Read More
YI Yuan The Cultural Diplomacy Between China and Indochina: An Analysis on the Varied Responses November 19, 2018 Read More
周运中 丝绸之路视野下的马来西亚历史与未来 November 15, 2018
TU Weiming The Tan Sri Lee Loy Seng Annual China Lecture Series 2018: New Confucianism and the 21st Century Civilizational Dialogue October 26, 2018 Read More
李志永 马哈迪访华评估与中马“一带一路”合作的未来 September 21, 2018 Read More
SU MinMA XuefengTAN Chee Beng Hui Muslims in China and Recent Developments August 21, 2018 Read More
David M. LAMPTON US-China Relations in the New Eras of Trump and Xi May 31, 2018 Read More
Hans VAN DE VEN China’s Wartime Everydayness and the Globalization of World War II April 20, 2018 Read More
KOH King Kee Belt and Road Initiative: China’s Geo-Strategic Grand Plan or Blue Ocean Strategy for Growth? March 13, 2018 Read More
David Martin JONES A Conversation with David Martin Jones  on  SINO-UK Relationship and the Brexit Factor December 20, 2017 Read More
唐翀 中国对东南亚外交 November 1, 2017
姚昱 贸易、科技与远东冷战: 1950年代的东南亚天然橡胶问题 August 25, 2017 Read More
Wu Xiaoan Shifting Paradigms of Chinese Diaspora Studies and Changing Identities of Transnational Chinese Communities: a Historical Perspective August 8, 2017 Read More
WANG Gungwu The Tan Sri Lee Loy Seng Annual China Lecture Series 2017: The Great Powers in Southeast Asia and the Fall and Rise of China July 12, 2017 Read More
John J. BRANDON A Conversation with John Brandon on US policy towards Asia, its impact on China and Malaysia May 22, 2017 Read More
王付兵 生存与发展:福州沿海地区新移民问题初探 May 16, 2017
钟鸣长 智能制造背景下制造业转型升级路径研究——以晋江为例 May 16, 2017 Read More
David SHAMBAUGH Assessing China’s Future April 21, 2017 Read More
王蔚松 “一带一路”战略对接下的厦大马来西亚分校 February 20, 2017 Read More
S. Mahmud ALI Sino-U.S. Relations and Southeast Asia: an Evolving Narrative October 20, 2016 Read More
SHEN Dingli China and the South China Sea September 9, 2016 Read More
KHOR Yu Leng Domestic Business Stakeholder Hopes and Fears in the New Era of China-Malaysia Economic Ties September 5, 2016 Read More
David M. LAMPTON The United States and China in an Era of Uncertainty June 28, 2016 Read More
Michael CHEN Wing Sum Reminiscences of Razak’s Visit to China in 1974 and Sino-Malaysian Relations May 5, 2016 Read More
Rebecca NADIN Climate Change Risk and Resilience in China April 29, 2016 Read More
Kevin HEWISON China and Thailand’S Domestic Politics February 26, 2016 Read More

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